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Easy 123 Guide

Folow these steps to self-publishing

  1. Edit your book
  2. Get it proof read
  3. Add Title Page Verso
    Download sample:
    Title pages layout
  4. Decide on book size
    Download a template to see which suits your book best:
    4.25” x 6.87” = 108mm x 174.5mm
    A5 5.83" x 8.26" = 148mm x 209.8mm
    Royal 6.13" x 9.21" = 155.7mm x 233.9mm
    A4 8.26" x 11.69" = 209.8mm x 296.9mm
  5. Design book cover ( www.eyyaprint.com offer this service )
  6. Apply for your ISBN (approx £120 for a batch of 10 numbers)
    Download application form and send to Nielsen ISBN Agency (UK only)
    Enclose photocopies/drafts of the title page and title page verso of the first publication requiring an ISBN.
    ISBN Application Form
    ISBN Order Form Guidance Notes
  7. Create a website for your book ( www.eyya.com can offer you a good package )
    Prepare your website in advance to your book being printed.
  8. Format your Text (for Printed Book and/or eBook - approx £60 per format)
    Formatting company will require your ISBN's, one for each format ie Paperback, ePub, Kindle.
  9. Create Bar Code from your ISBN
    (add to back cover of book design and add to your Title Page Verso)
    www.axicon.com Axicon offer this service on a professional level.
  10. Register to Nielsens Pubweb Service
    If you are going to sell e-books, then you will need to allocate an ISBN's to both e-Pub and KINDLE (.mobi) formats by registering with Nielsens Pubweb service.
  11. Print Book add to Amazon and/or Kindle
    (Search for good Book Printing price on internet - call us if you need help)
    If you are going to submit your book / ebook online for sale around the world, you will need to get an ITIN number (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) from the USA IRS by completing: Form W-7  Apple iBooks will not allow you to set up an account to sell, unless you provide this number at registration. Then once number has been allocated you will have to fill in Form W-8BEN
    You can follow these simple instructions for filling in the above forms, if you are a UK resident applying for an ITIN
    *** A Quicker way, is to call the IRS in the USA on 0012679411000
    and ask to register for an EIN, they will give you number immediately after asking a few questions. This number can then be added to the Form W-8BEN and forwarded to Amazon and/or iBooks.
    To sell on Apple Store: http://www.apple.com/itunes/sellcontent/
    To Sell on Amazon: https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/signin
  12. Submit your paperback book to the National Library
    (This must be done within 1 month of publishing)
    Publications should be sent to:
    Legal Deposit Office
    The British Library
    Boston Spa
    LS23 7BY
    Tel: 01937 546 268
    Email: [email protected]
    URL: www.bl.uk/aboutus/stratpolprog/legaldep/
    For non-print publications, contact the British Library for guidance: 01937 546 535
  13. Register with a established distribution company
    Large books store will not order any books directly from you.
  14. Market your printed book or eBook
    Contact local papers, bookstores, add on your facebook acount, forums, and internet stores like Amazon etc.. Arrange local book signings and don't stop promoting.

GOOD LUCK- we hope this helps.


The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone - Cyprus 1974

The Green Line - Holiday in a Warzone - Cyprus 2012

The Green Line is a true story of a brutal war seen through the eyes of a child

Paperback £7.99

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