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Your book is your passion, it may have taken you years to complete it. Now it's time to see it on bookshop shelves! Walk this way and we will help you through the entire process.

You have edited your book, gone through it thoroughly many times over to check for errors. Don't assume that all errors have been amended, get hire aprofessional proof reader to go through your script, or if your budget is low ask friends and family to proof read for you. Although, you have checked many times, you are by this stage very familiar with your story and your brain will skip parts without you realising. You need a fresh pair of eyes to proof read your work.

Story completed, edited and proof read. You have reached the end of a long journey, now it is time to begin on another. You need to decide what type of book you want to publish your work in, will it be hardback or paperback? Do you know what size book format would be most suitable? Take some time and investigate all options. If a short story, then the most cost effective would be a Pocket Size (4.25” wide x 6.87” tall) paperback. You can download MS Word Templates from the internet, copy and paste your script into a chosen format and see how it will look, it should also give you a rough idea as to how many pages your story will take up for that size book. Unless you are an expert, I do not suggest you attempt to format your pages ready for printing, even if you use MS Word on a daily basis. This process is rather complex and better handled by an expert, which ofcourse is your next step. You can find companies, again through the internet, that will format your pages at a very reasonble price. You can request them to format your script for both hardcopy and ebook layouts.

They say: "you can't judge a book by it's cover", trust me, your cover is very important. It needs to appeal to the type of reader you would like to attract - after all it is the first visual form of your works, that if interesting enough, will be picked up for assessing. We can help you with design: www.eyyaprint.com. Information on the back cover is also vital, make it interesting, it should instantly sell itself to the holder. If you are taking the ebook root, then ensure that you have the first chapter accessible to the potential buyer, which should help encourage a final online purchase. I have created a website to promote my book, and placed snippets of several chapters on the homepage - I had cafully selected sections of the story so that it gives a good idea as to what the book is all about and the feel of its style. Adding something interesting with a cliff hanger will help to convert the reader into a buyer.

You have applied for your ISBN and have already converted it into a barcode to add to you back book cover. Time to find a printing company to print your first batch of paperbacks. Get quotes from as many printers as possible to get the best price and service - as prices do vary somewhat. If you are selling you paperback or ebook through Amazon, then now is the time to make contact. Note that they will charge a high percentage of royalties on the book price, but remember that you do not have a publishing company who would be taking another large chunk before leaving you pittance.

Now comes the hard work. You will need to promote your book. Send out emails to local papers to see if they would be willing to do an article on it as you now being a local writer. Letters, and emails should be sent out to local bookstores. The large book chains can be contacted too, but most will want you to have an account with an established distributer in place. They will not buy for the small publisher direct. Broadcast you book on your facebook account, get your friends and family to post it on their facebook pages. Go onto forums to spread the word of this new book that has been published. Create a website and sell direct, this way you will get all of the profit from the books you sell - we can help you with the web design and development at a very reasonable price: www.eyya.com.

Go to our Easy 123 Guide for an simple plan of action to self-publish your book.


The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone - Cyprus 1974

The Green Line - Holiday in a Warzone - Cyprus 2012

The Green Line is a true story of a brutal war seen through the eyes of a child

Paperback £6.99

Buy Now



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