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So, you've worked long and hard and come to the end of writing that master piece, your master piece. Now it's time to get the ball rolling and you want to get your book published. You confront big publishing companies, and they do not want to know. Your next option is to go through a smaller publishing company (also known as Vanity Publishers) but they want to charge you a fortune upfront, then grab virtually all of your royalties, leaving you hardly anything for all those long hours you put in, putting that story together. Been there and did not like it, so I decided to self-publish. On researching the process was quite daunting and difficult at first to get my head around it all, but in the end I had succeeded.

I have been in the web development business for over 11 years and also in the print business, so thought, how hard would it be to self-publish my book? After all I am a businessman, with knowledge of: marketing, development and printing. It made sense that once going through the process I could share my experience in helping others that find themselves in a situation whereby, they need to self-publish but do not know how and where to start.

Soner Kioufi

We will show you the path to self publishing free of charge.
You keep all of your royalties!

This website will guide you through the process, rather than you spending weeks on end trying to read up on self publishing, trying to understand the process.

Where are you now:

  • What stage you are at?
       -has book been edited?
       -has it been proof read?
  • Send you documents to apply for a batch of ISBN's
  • Do you know where to get Barcodes created
  • Find a good book formatting company
       -for paperback/hardcopy and/or ePub & Kindle
  • Find the best price for printing both book and/or marketing material
  • We can offer you a great package on developing a website www.eyya.com
  • Do you have the list of Libraries to which you need to submit your book
  • Are you set up with a major distribution company?
  • Get advice on how to submit your eBook to Amazon etc..
  • Do you how you will be marketing you book?

Printing your book?

If you are self-publishing then you will need to foot the bill inorder to get your book on the shelves. This may sound costly, but infact it is not as bad as you may think. It will be a lot cheaper than getting a Publishing company taking hold of your book and charging you upfront fees as well as getting you to sign a contract that will hold you prisoner for several years, whilst they take most of the royalties.


The Green Line
Holiday in a Warzone
- Cyprus 1974

The Green Line - Holiday in a Warzone - Cyprus 2012

The Green Line is a true story of a brutal war seen through the eyes of a child

Paperback £7.99

Buy Now



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